Granted on the surface it offers very little, few have heard of it, few remember it when they do, so what does it offer?

Brevity - four letters, not easy to come by with domain names these days, four letters that have a meaning are even rarer.

Obsolescence - This site (as so many) offers nothing of real value. It is primarily a playground for Neil Horlock

Relevence - is Kentish, as am I.

Cross Reference - The definition of is as a cross reference, a link to something more meaningful.

Finality - is the last word in the english language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, first edition.

"In a project started under Dr James A. H. Murray in 1879, the final volume of the Oxford English Dictionary is published. Expected to fill four volumes and take ten years to create, the Dictionary ends up with 6,400 pages in 12 volumes, 414,825 words, 1,827,306 illustrative quotations, and 178 miles of running type. The last word is , an Old Kentish word that we hope was worth waiting for."

was added under the editorship of C.T. Onions the fourth editor of the OED. Onions enjoyed saying that he contributed the final entry to the Dictionary -- a cross-reference Zyxt, which since it was ‘the last word’, was later made the name of a soap.

So is ideal, .

Who is Neil Horlock?

I am a software engineer (that's a computer programmer to all intents and purposes), specialising in c++ on unix/linux. I have particular interests in the zaurus range of Linux based PDAs, audio management and selection, performance tuning, and all sorts of other junk. Away from computers (which happens occasionally) I enjoy diving, especially underwater photography, some examples of which can be found in the gallery on this site. I enjoy travel and have visited many interesting countries, though many more are still on the list. I have two young daughters, Hannah and Eve and am married to Sarah.
Sarah and I are both trained as Marine Mammal Medics (MMMs) for British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), a brilliant charity dedicated to rescuing stranded and sick marine mammals such as seals, dolphins and whales. For more information on BDMLR and the work that we do please visit the BDMLR website.

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